Shlump THC Soda Syrup (500mg of THC)


SHLUMP is a sweet and syrupy medicated elixir — one of the most coveted hot ticket items in the cannabis market today. Handcrafted and homemade, this product is derived from pure cane sugar and boasts a whopping THC percentage as a result of being infused with highly concentrated distillate. Meant to be enjoyed with your favourite carbonated beverage (ideally a nice seltzer or Sprite), SHLUMP starts at the head with a vibrant yet focused buzz and then lazily eases its way down toward the body with a series of gentle tingles and sedating sensations.

SHLUMP has a wide array of uses: lazing with friends on a rainy day, impressing strangers at a rap concert, or just simply as an alternative to smoking (or picking up the double cup!)

Feel free to get creative too — SHLUMP can be used to make popsicles or as a dessert topping. Send us a gram or snap of how you like to SHLUMP’d @shlump.thc

500mg of THC per bottle.
2FL Oz.
60ml bottle.

*SHLUMP is most effective on a full stomach or after a fatty meal!




*Natural flavours

Shake extremely well before serving use extreme caution & keep away from children. 

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